A Booming MICE Destination

Orleans Metropole is very becoming more and more active in the MICE sector, especially since the opening of the Orleans Metropole Centre, CO’Met, in 2023. 

A metropolitan project: CO’Met

CO’Met is perfectly adapted to large-scale events and stands out thanks to the incomparable flexibility of its spaces and its management of visitor flows.

This innovative facility, specifically designed to cater for large scale events combines :

• A Conference Center (1,000 seats)

• An Exhibition Area (16,000 m²)

• A Sport Hall (10,000 seats)

In the heart of a natural garden bordering a river, the elegant building designed in compliance with HEQ standards also offers its users all the benefits of an ultra-connected experience.

Watch the video to discover this new complex

Ideal venues to meet every need 


A Conferences Center with an auditorium offering 500 seats in the city center of Orléans

You will be seduced by the muffled atmosphere of this Conferences Center’s centrepiece allying large capacities, noble and natural materials. The stage is flexible and customizable.

Up to 9 flexible subcommission rooms are also available to welcome from 20 to 130 attendees.

Bonus: a restauration space with a catering department


The event area, Chapit’O:

The new event area, Chapit’O, was built to maintain the activity of the trade fairs during the construction period of CO’Met.  It is composed of 2 capitals each covering an area of 5,000 m².

At the end of the works, it will continue its activity on outdoor gatherings.


Prestigious venues for gala dinners or VIP events

Orleans Metropole boasts a large choice of atypical, characterful, and exceptional venues, which will contribute to the success of your event.

For further information, please contact the Convention Bureau