A choice of hotels to suit your needs

Boasting a wealth of luxury and characterful hotels, Orléans nurtures the art of welcoming its visitors.

A metropolitan selection of hotels

3,300 hotel beds throughout metropolitan Orléans, 1,000 of which are within walking distance of train station.


The selection of accommodation covers the entire metropolitan area so you can choose according to the location of your venue and your means of transport.


To make your stay easier, you could opt for a residential seminar.

More than half the hotels in Orléans boast one or more seminar rooms.

Many of these establishments are also able to offer you restaurant services on site for a coffee break, lunch or dinner.

Elegance and comfort - your starry nights in Orléans

Orléans Convention can help you choose somewhere to stay.

4 **** hotels
3 *** hotels
2 ** hotels
1* or unclassified hotels
tourism residences

For more information, , please don't hesitate to contact the Orléans Métropole Convention Bureau.